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The Collegiate program

The Metroettes Collegiate team is for experienced skaters enrolled in a 4-year degree program in the Boston/NH/RI area. Many of our Collegiate skaters have experience on a synchronized skating team but we also welcome experienced singles and ice dance skaters.

This team practices twice a week, performs one program (Free skate, no short program) and is eligible to compete at the U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships. We frequently see movement of skaters from season to season, in both directions, between our Team USA teams (Lexettes and Haydenettes) and our Metroettes Collegiate team.

We have former Metroettes currently skating for our Team USA teams and likewise we have current or former Lexettes and Haydenettes skating on the Metroettes Collegiate team.

Click here for a description of our Metroettes Collegiate program.

TeamRequired Level Preferred Test Level

Metroettes ColegiateJuvenile Moves Test
Junior Moves
Pre Silver Dance
Pre juv Freeskate

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