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The Metroettes Collegiate
The Metroettes Collegiate: Sabrina Begley, Siena Belda, Alisha Blanchard, Erin Bold, Sofia Capito, Caroline Cherry, Peyton Delgorio, Kendall Grace, Carly Jones, Danielle Kaiser, Claire Owens, Olivia Pilling, Olga Romanova, Michelle Rose, Rebecca Shorin, Olivia Spadafore, and Amanda Way

Head Coach: Maikki Merilehto
Metroettes Collegiate

2017 National Pewter Medalists

The Metroettes Collegiate will have a new coach for the 2017-2018 season. This team is an important component of the Hayden Synchro higher level teams: Metroettes, Lexettes, and Haydenettes.

The Metroettes Collegiate team allows college students to compete at a National level (National Medals every year) without a huge time commitment. There are skaters who have aged off the Lexettes and continued to compete with the Metroettes, some then with the Haydenettes. Additionally, some Haydenettes have joined the Metroettes to skate competitively with a reduced time commitment.

If you are looking to continue skating while attending college full time we hope you will consider the Metroettes.
The Metroettes Collegiate are a collegiate level team, with skaters all hailing from various colleges in the Boston, Massachusetts area including Boston University, Wellesley College, Mass Bay Community College, Harvard University, and Simmons College. The team performs at highly competitive level while simultaneously allowing skaters to focus on their life at school.

The Metroettes Collegiate are the 2015 and 2016 U.S. National Bronze Medalists. After only two years since the formation of the team, the Metroettes have won multiple gold medals at competitions such as Cape Cod Synchronized Skating Classic and the New England Challenge Cup. They took home the silver medal at the Eastern Sectional Synchronized Skating Competition during the 2014-15 and 2015-16 season.

The Metroettes Collegiate offers a chance for skaters in college to either begin or continue with the fast-growing sport of synchronized skating. With a manageable level of commitment, skaters have been able to effectively balance college life with their skating career while making wonderful friends all in the Boson area.

Exhibitions and Competitions

Nov 19, 16 Boston Classic 1 (58.30)
Dec 09, 16 Cape Cod Classic 1 (68.69)
Dec 17, 16 Hayden Holiday Show Exhib
Jan 26, 17 2017 Eastern Sectional Championship 2 (65.70)
Feb 19, 17 National Send Off Exhib
Feb 23, 17 2017 US National Championships 4 (75.31)

Recent Activities

Nov 19,16       Metroettes Collegiate

Showing off their new dresses at the Boston Classic

Nov 01,16       Metroettes Collegiate

Showing off our College Spirit!

Feb 24,16       Metroettes Collegiate

After an wonderful season of team work, dedication, and fun. We won Bronze!!!! at the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!!

Jan 30,16       Metroettes Collegiate

We had a great time in Virginia for the Eastern Championships!!!

Jan 30,16       Metroettes Collegiate

Wait for it. Wait for it. Silver!!!! at Easterns.

Dec 12,15       Metroettes Collegiate

First competition of the year. Cape Cod Classic. Proud of their Gold Medal!

Oct 25,15       Metroettes Collegiate

Showing off their program for the first time at the Hayden Synchro Evening of Synchronized Skating - Fall Kick-off

Dec 13,14       Metroettes Collegiate

Metroettes competing at the Cape Cod Classic

Nov 02,14       Metroettes Collegiate

Metroettes kicking off their inaugural season!