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Our History

The Hayden Synchronized Skating Teams were founded in 1979 in Lexington by Lynn Benson, a former national singles figure skating competitor and Ice Capades performer. She both built the Hayden Synchronized Skating organization in Lexington and set the standard for synchronized skating across the country. Lynn led the Haydenettes, our Senior Level team, to win 15 U.S. titles and participate in 22 National Championship competitions.

Today, the Hayden Synchronized Skating Teams are led by Saga Krantz, the internationally acclaimed Synchronized Skating coach, choreographer, and World Championship Silver Medalist from Finland. She took the helm when Lynn retired in 2005. Under Saga's leadership, the organization has grown to eight teams and 169 skaters. She has also secured the World Championship Bronze Medal for the last four years.

Over the organization's twenty four-year history, Hayden Synchronized Skating Teams have been crowned the U.S. National Champions 47 times across the Senior, Junior, Novice, Intermediate and Juvenile divisions.

The Haydenettes, the organization's Senior team, have won 21 US National Championships, have represented the U.S.A. in all 14 Synchronized Skating World Championships and have earned 4 World Bronze Medals.

The Ice Mates, the organization's Novice team and second oldest team, have won 19 US National Championships. In 2012, they earned their third straight National Championship with a record breaking score of 81.48.

The cornerstone of Hayden Synchronized Skating's success is a sharp focus on the fundamentals: basic skating skills, fitness, team work, dedication, and positive attitude. These fundamentals are coached at all levels, from the youngest developmental teams to the highly skilled Haydenettes. These principles, along with the time management skills that the skaters learn, enable them to practice long hours, shape the skaters lives and allow them to "Perform Beautifully in Life".

Hayden Synchro is deeply committed to advancing the sport of Synchronized Skating by developing a strong cohort of younger skating athletes aspiring to rise through the ranks of the sport. This long term commitment is evidenced by each of the National level teams having at least one skater with 6 or more years with the organization, 47 skaters with 4 or more years with the organization, including one Haydenette who's been in the organization for 14 years.

The three Shooting Stars developmental teams are where most of the skaters enter the organization now. These are mainly elementary school children with a only a couple years of skating experience but already recognize their love of skating. The focus for the developmental teams is to have fun while learning synchronized skating, to develop the skills needed to be part of a team, and to enjoy performing at local competitions and exhibitions.