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Our Story
Twenty skaters gliding beautifully, in perfect unison, is magical to behold. As you watch, you are spellbound by their force and focus on the ice. By their speed. By their athleticism. By their skill. By their joy.

Look closer, however, and you will see something else. Something even more amazing. Behind the outfits, and the make-up, and the music, and the theater, you will see young women and men who are learning that the world is not all about themselves. You see young skaters, linked arm in arm, knowing that they must literally and figuratively support their teammates to succeed. You see young athletes becoming empowered as few other sports can empower them.

Simply put, synchronized skating isn’t about style. It’s about a lifestyle. Developing a lifestyle where hard work pays off. A lifestyle where the discipline of listening to coaches pays off. A lifestyle where the discipline of studying in a car driving to practice in the pre-dawn light pays off. A lifestyle where athletes learn to fall down, and then pick themselves up again. A lifestyle where athletes learn to never quit.

The result?

These beautiful skaters are prepared to do beautifully in life. They learn to find the best in themselves, and to bring out the best in others. They learn, as their coaches tell them, that it is the size of their hearts and the size of their determination that matters. That heart and determination can fill an arena with as much respect and awe as the finest performance.

Yes, our athletes love winning. Yes, our athletes love a stadium erupting in applause as they spin to a stop, exhausted-but exhilarated-each having done their absolute best. But it’s what our athletes take away from the sport that is the true reward.

Our skaters will forever remember the joy and camaraderie of becoming something greater than themselves. They will carry with them forever the self-confidence of reaching goals. They will forever know what it feels like to be fully alive, alert, and full of joy. Please join us as we continue to grow this amazing, beautiful sport for all ages of young women and men. Please join us in helping our athletes prepare to live beautiful lives.

Our Mission
Hayden Synchronized Skating is
dedicated to helping young
women and men develop personal
discipline and self confidence,
combined with a selfless focus on
teamwork, that prepares them to
succeed on the ice, and off,
for their entire lives.

Our Theme
Perform Beautifully in Life