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News from Hayden Synchronized Skating

January 04, 2014

Lexettes are Team USA 1 winning JWQ

The Lexettes competed at the World Junior Team Selection Competition (JWQ) Jan 3rd and 4th in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. After the short program Friday night, the Lexettes were narrowly behind the Chicago Jazz at the World Junior Team Selection Competition (JWQ), which has a field of twelve teams competing. The top two teams based on the combined scores of the Short and Long programs are selected to represent the United States as Team USA 1 and 2 in the Junior World Championships in Switzerland in March.

The Lexettes were the eleventh team to skate the Long Program or "Free Skate". By the time the Lexettes took the ice, three teams had put up scores in the 90's and one just over a 100. Very good scores and set the bar very high. The Lexettes were kept away from the scoring and only knew they just needed to do their best and put forth the skate they all knew they had in them.

As the Lexettes took the ice, everyone was excited; the skaters, the parents and supporters in the rink, and all the at home supporters follow the events on Twitter. The Lexettes had a wonderful skate and when the score was announced, 107.17 for the long program and a combined score of 155.17, currently putting the Lexettes in First Place. They, everyone in the rink, and everyone following around the country all know they were going to the Junior World Championships in Switzerland!

After the last team skated, the combined score of 155.17 held as first place, and the Lexettes had earned the title "Team USA 1". The Chicago Jazz with a combined score of 146.72 earned the second position going to the Junior Worlds as "Team USA 2".

This will be the second straight year and second time the Lexettes have gone to the Junior World Championships. Last year, the Lexettes placed sixth in the World!

The Haydenettes also skated in a field of four teams at the Foot of the Lake competition occurring simultaneously at the same venue. After the short program, they had the lead with 65.15 points. The Haydenettes are in the senior division, the highest division of US Figure Skating and the scores cannot be compared between divisions.

The Haydenettes won their division with a long program score of 127.14 and a combined score of 192.64. The other scores were Miami of Ohio 169.08, Skyliners 144.0, and Starlights 134.45. The Haydenettes were excited about their performances this weekend at the Foot of the Lake Synchronized Skating Classic and are ready to continue preparing for the French Cup!