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News from Hayden Synchronized Skating

November 16, 2013

Haydenettes on America’s Got Talent

This past Saturday, Nov 16 2013, Jenna, Lindsay and I, Noelle, went to New York City for a meeting with the Executive Producers of America’s Got Talent. We arrived with full competition hair and makeup done and our Team USA warm up jackets on. Luckily our support crew, David Brofsky, had a pre-arranged appointment for us to bypass most of the waiting areas (more than 500 contestants outside, and more than 500 contestants in the reality room). The amount of people who showed up to showcase their talents and possibly move on to stardom was unreal!

The three of us quickly changed into our 2013 Long Program dresses and put our skates on. We were asked several times if we had planned to skate because they weren’t prepared for that, but no we had just brought a video of performances from last year. We waited patiently in an area filled with stilt walkers, men in skeleton body suits, singers, dancers, you name it! Our name was called and we went into the first curtained off area where we were asked a few logistical questions about the team. He had seen our videos and knew exactly who we were when we walked in! After a few minutes he explained that we would be expedited to the executive producers and then sent on our way as quickly as possible.

As we walked over to the next waiting area we heard our long program music from last year playing in the background. Some of the workers had heard our name and contestant number so they YouTubed our performances! We filled out some more forms detailing our past TV experiences, other talents, etc. After a few more minutes we were asked to go into another curtained off area with 4 or 5 executive producers. The three of us stood on the “x” in the middle of the floor as instructed and answered several questions about the team, competitions, ice rinks, etc. The meeting lasted about 2 minutes and then they were on to the next contestant.

After our meeting we were grabbed to do a couple of shots in the “reality room” (The room that is shown on television where the talents warm up and wait for their numbers to be called). A producer cleared a small space for us to dance or do our talent. We decided to do a couple of lifts! That definitely got the attention of other contestants especially because we had our skates on! We finished the camera shoot in about 20 minutes and were free to go. It is an experience that the three of us will never forget and we are so happy to have represented the Haydenettes and the sport of synchronized skating at this audition!

America’s Got Talent reaches anywhere between 6-11 million viewers per episode! We were thrilled that we had the experience to promote the sport of Synchronized Skating in front of the producers and potentially the nation! It would be amazing for the Haydenettes and the sport of Synchronized Skating to receive such a large amount of publicity!

We hear back in February if we will be on the show!

Jenna Longo, Lindsay Grajek and Noelle Pearson

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