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News from Hayden Synchronized Skating

October 26, 2013

Responsible Sports Grant - We need your help!

Hayden Synchro is competing for a special community grant program.

We need all parents, alumni, friends, and supporters (who are age 18 or older) to go to the link below, read through the material, take a short quiz, and register. It takes about 20 minutes and it is worth it!

The organizations who get the most people to take the quiz and register, gets the money!

The grant we are competing for is $2500 from the Responsible Sports Community Grant Program sponsored by Liberty Mutual. This program awards money to organizations that support and develop youth in the context of community sports programs.

The content is on Parenting an Athlete with the focus on how to develop a successful well rounded child through the lessons of athletics. Saga has gone through the material and approves it.

As you go through the material, you will recognize much of the information from the parent meetings. It is a great refresher course on sportsmanship and effective and constructive ways to communicate with young athletes, coaches, and officials.

The link will prompt you to read through some material, take a short quiz and then ask you to register and credit your quiz to our organization. For every quiz we have registered to HSST we earn one point towards our overall score, the top 5 teams will earn the grant.

Click here to help!

We have until Nov 30th to get you, your friends, and anyone you know over the age of 18 to participate. Please help us win this grant, by taking the quiz today and forwarding this email to friends family and colleagues.

Please make sure you verify your email address after the quiz to earn the point. If you have any questions or problems going through the 4 steps, please contact Diane Gamble at

This is a VERY EASY way for you to support Hayden Synchro

We ask that every parent takes the quiz. In addition to qualifying for the grant, the Hayden Synchro Board and Saga both agree that the information gained is very valuable for parents in the role of supporting young athletes.

The full link is:

Thank you so much for your participation.

The Hayden Synchronized Skating Teams Board
and Saga Krantz