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Individual Costume for Sale

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Gold Ruffle (Cat)

Gold ruffle framing white diamond. Black velvet top. Gold ruffled sheer multilayered skirt over green sheer skirt over black sheer skirt. Originally 'Cat' theme. Sheer 'tail' may be cut off.
Accessory: Some hair elastic w/bow & 'paw' gloves.

Item #: 18
Price: $15

Condition: Fair: some ruffles ripped.

Child Sizes:
XS: 0
S: 1
M: 4
L: 5
XL: 0

Adult Sizes:
XS: 8
S: 0
M: 0
L: 0

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Note: This dress is for sale as either a Team or Individual dress. The price shown for Individual sale is $5 more to cover the difference is shipping