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“We are dedicated to helping young women and men develop personal discipline and self confidence, combined with a selfless focus on teamwork, that prepares them to succeed on the ice, and off, for their entire lives.”

Lexettes win First International Gold!

The Lexettes competed at the Mozart Cup Jan 20th and 21st. After the short program they were in first place with a score of 55.03. They skated last in the Free program and earned a 89.99 and first place overall. Here is the interview with Sarah and Cameron after the event. (Click image to watch).

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Apr 8 - Haydenettes - 2017 Worlds Free Program

The Haydenettes skated a powerful and beautiful Free program to a Prince medley. The audience was pulled into the program and cheered strongly for the "home" team. They earned third place in the Free program earning a Bronze med ... (more)

Apr 7 - Haydenettes - 2017 Worlds Short Program

The Haydenettes skated a strong Short program at the 2017 World Championships. The Gladiator theme was well presented and received. They were in fifth place with a score of 63.90, less than 9 points from first. ... (more)

Apr 1 - The Haydenettes: The dynasty you've never heard of

With 25 national titles to their name, the Boston area Haydenettes are the most successful synchronized skating team in the country. They share the challenges of being a part of such a demanding sport that lacks mainstream recogni ... (more)

Mar 11 - Lexettes World Junior Championships Free Skate

Here is the long program from the 2017 ISU World Junior Championships. After an amazing short skate, the Lexettes, Team USA 2, held 5th place. They skated the long program first in the last flight of five teams. The Lexettes ear ... (more)

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